Race Coordinators: Make your next 5K event the most inclusive and beginner-friendly race yet by offering our exclusive "Couch To 5K" training plan as an Add-On option. 

This valuable addition will not only attract a wider range of participants but also ensure that everyone, regardless of their fitness level, can confidently take part in your race.

5 Reasons Why Offering the "Couch To 5K" Add-on is a Game-Changer for Your Event:

1. Expand Your Participant Base: By offering the "Couch To 5K" training plan, you open your race to individuals who have always wanted to join a 5K but felt intimidated by the physical demands. This add-on transforms your event into an inclusive experience, encouraging beginners to step out of their comfort zones, improve their fitness, and achieve their running goals.


2. Tap into the Growing Market: The popularity of running and healthy lifestyles continues to rise, with many individuals seeking accessible ways to kickstart their fitness journeys. By incorporating the "Couch To 5K" add-on, you position your race as the perfect starting point for those looking to embark on a running adventure, attracting a new segment of participants eager to challenge themselves.


3. Stand Out from the Competition: In a saturated race market, differentiating your event is key. Offering the "Couch To 5K" training plan sets your race apart from others by showcasing your commitment to supporting and guiding runners at every stage. This unique add-on demonstrates your dedication to creating a positive, inclusive, and empowering race experience for all participants.


4. Boost Participant Confidence: Many aspiring runners hesitate to sign up for a 5K because they fear they won't be able to complete the distance. By providing the "Couch To 5K" add-on, you equip participants with a clear roadmap and access to nutrition tracking and more inside our mobile app, instilling the confidence they need to tackle the challenge. This extra support ensures that more participants cross the finish line with a sense of accomplishment and pride.


5. Enhance Race Day Atmosphere: A "Couch To 5K" program attracts a diverse group of participants, creating a vibrant and energetic race day atmosphere. Strangers become friends, encouraging and supporting one another along the course. This positive environment not only benefits the beginners but also elevates the overall experience for all participants, volunteers, and spectators.

By including the "Couch To 5K" training plan by Mindset Of Steel FITNESS as an add-on option, you ensure a more inclusive and supportive race environment while attracting a new wave of beginners ready to take on the challenge. Take your event to new heights and empower aspiring runners to join your race today!

"Many participants may not have access to a personal running coach or know where to start when it comes to training for a 5K. By offering the "Couch To 5K" basic training plan add-on, you provide them with guidance and support specific for 5K preparation. This can help prevent injuries, improve performance, and enhance the overall running experience."
Fernando Sosa @ Mindset Of Steel FITNESS

Enhance Overall Race Experience
Open Up New Opportunity for Raising More Funds
Increase Engagement

Everything Is Tracked Inside Our App!

No matter where your race participants are in their journey, nutrition is key at every step of the way in helping them reach their health and fitness goals. That's why your participants will have free access to our meal and nutrition tracking feature inside our mobile app!

Community Support:

Offering the "Couch To 5K" training plan add-on creates an opportunity for participants to connect with others who are following the same plan inside our mobile app. Participants have access to a private forum where they can share their experiences, ask questions, and support one another. This sense of community enhances the overall race experience and fosters a supportive and encouraging environment.

This beginner running plan is designed to help your participants get introduced to running for an approachable distance. Whether they'd like to do their runs on a treadmill or outdoors is up to them.

The runners undertaking the training doesn't need to worry about their speed; their main goal should be maintaining a consistent running pace. Each training session commences with a brisk 5-minute walk. If the participant feels that the program is progressing too quickly, they have the option to repeat a specific week or incorporate additional rest days as necessary. The training plan consists of running for 3 days per week, gradually increasing the intensity over a span of 6 weeks.


RunSignUp Instructions on How To Setup "Couch To 5K" as an Add-On 

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